Update To Editorial: It launched 1450’s New FM Signal

Photo Credits - Mountain Dog Media
Photo Credits – Mountain Dog Media

Editorial Edited: AT 1:00 PM November 5th 2021 – KFIZ adds 100.7 FM to their station ID – No references online yet – Coming Soon?

RDS shows references to KFIZ and W264DN – it’s officially launched – perhaps they were doing finishing touches. The editorial on KFIZ’s new FM signal has been edited to show that KFIZ has begun showing their new FM signal – the last ID showing KFIZ without FM took place at 12 PM.

Edit: at 1 PM November 5th 2021 – KFIZ added W264DN to their station ID

Reception Reports:

People in Waupun sadly hear V100 from Milwaukee during the daytime but at night time – KFIZ is heard loud and clear as a bell on 100.7 FM starting just before or after sunset & remains loud and proud until sunrise when it fades away from Waupun but is still super strong just 10 miles north of Waupun it appears to cut out during the daytime – on Highway 151 – just before the Randolph sign.

I’m glad to see KFIZ mentioning their brand new FM station on their radio station – that’s a start. Now the 2nd question is does KFIZ keep it’s current logo or a new logo or a revised to showcase their brand new station.

For a 250 watt station it’s got amazing coverage and the buzzing noises that plague AM are not present on FM and I truly thought I was listening to an internet stream – it sounded so good on the FM side – and for a station that is only running at 250 watts – it’s coverage is massive.

Editorial by Ian Homan